Nutanix on partnership with HPE: Coopetition is a healthy way to ensure innovation

Here’s Nutanix’s point of view on why it made perfect sense for the hyperconvergence-harbinger to collaborate with HPE, combining Nutanix’s enterprise cloud OS and HPE’s hybrid cloud hit, GreenLake.


Earlier this month, the enterprise IT space witnessed a major-league partnership between two market-leaders in their own space, Nutanix and HPE.

There are two unmistakable forces driving the enterprise IT juggernaut today – hyper-converged infrastructure and the immensely popular consumption-based hybrid cloud model. 

Nutanix has played a critical role in introducing the hyperconverged infrastructure to the Indian enterprise. The concept of hyperconvergence has enabled the present-day CIO to invest more time and resource in innovation, rather than on merely keeping the IT infra up and running. 

HPE, on the other hand, recognized the immense potential of the pay-as-you-go model, especially in the famously price-conscious Indian market. Not surprisingly, its GreenLake hybrid cloud quickly gained popularity in the Indian enterprise.

With Nutanix software on HPE’s GreenLake, the integrated hybrid cloud as-a-service solution will be an interesting trend to watch.

In an exclusive interaction with ChannelWorld, Jacob Pereira, senior director channels, APJ at Nutanix, talks about the rationale behind the tie-up and why coopetition is a healthy way to foster innovation.

Edited excerpts:

1. What is the reason behind the partnership with HPE, and what’s in it for Nutanix?

As more and more customers begin to understand the inflexibility and hidden costs associated with many current public cloud offerings, they are looking beyond the traditional – and to new solutions for new challenges. 

The bringing together of one of the world’s most trusted and respected hardware providers and one of the world’s leading enterprise innovators provides unrivalled opportunities for both company’s customers.  

The HPE-Nutanix partnership provides peace of mind and reassurance by expanding the choice for customers and with flexible pricing.  



... The coming together of one of the world’s most trusted and respected hardware providers and one of the world’s leading enterprise innovators provides unrivalled opportunities for both companies’ customers.
Jacob Pereira
Senior Director – Channels, APJ, Nutanix

2. Could you tell us more about Nutanix’s focus on hybrid cloud solutions, and what Nutanix brings to the table?


Nutanix has always believed that hybrid cloud is where majority of customers will gravitate as the restrictions and unfulfilled promises of a one size fits all public cloud model materialise. 

Hybrid clouds provide the freedom to control and manage data sovereignty combined with the flexibility to leverage extended cloud offerings like Desktop-as-a-Service, Disaster Recovery as a Service or even expand to the public cloud when required. 

Customers do not want to be restricted or locked into unsuitable and prohibitive cloud arrangements. It’s a rapidly changing and fluid business environment for many customers – they want their cloud model to accept and reflect that.  
3. How Nutanix can leverage HPE’s GreenLake ecosystem?

Flexible and fast moving business environments call for flexible and agile solutions. Nutanix looks to provide its customers with a comprehensive range of consumption models and the freedom to run Nutanix Enterprise Cloud software across a wide range of popular third-party server platforms. 

HPE GreenLake already offers a flexible pay-as-you-go model to a strong and broad customer base. This agreement ensures greater access to a much wider range of solutions.
4. With both Nutanix and HPE working on hyperconverged solutions, will there still be an element of competition between the companies?

The opportunities for both companies overcome many perceived conflicts of interests, while co-opetition has always been a healthy way to ensuring innovation and better solutions for customers.
5. With Nutanix’s partnership with HPE, will the company now be able to challenge AWS’ market share in India?

Nutanix believes that by focusing on the customer, rather than our competition, we will provide world-beating software, solutions and value. The HPE partnership provides all customers choice and flexibility to leverage their own cloud journey in a pay as you go environment. 

Nutanix has always believed that there will be a combination of public and private cloud, built on openness and flexibility of applications and hardware. That is what this agreement offers customers and the value we provide beyond other suppliers.

Edited By : Poojitha Jayadevan