RAH Infotech scripted a blockbuster fiscal year: Ashok Kumar

Backed by strong OEM alliances and entrenched channel ecosystem, the VAD grew its revenues over sixty five percent last fiscal.  


In past couple of years, IT distribution in the enterprise segment has been impacted globally by the advent of digital technologies, M&A in the space and transformation of channel business. In India too, most global distributors and value added distributors (VADs) are realigning their business plans to the new IT world. RAH Infotech has been recording good growth over the years as a value added distributor conglomerate in India. ChannelWorld India spoke exclusively to Ashok Kumar, managing director, RAH Infotech on the growth accelerators for the company’s performance in last fiscal, the new expectation list from OEMs and the emerging channel landscape. 

Edited Excerpts

What were the prime accelerators for RAH Infotech’s growth in FY18/19 in a relatively flat enterprise IT market in India over past twelve months? 


RAH Infotech & Its Major OEM Alliances

Radware | ForeScout | Gemalto | Skybox Security | Rapid 7 | Infoblox | Cambium Networks | IXIA | Seclore | Actifio | Quest

Deeply focused on addressing the enterprise IT infrastructure market, RAH Infotech has been registering sustained growth year over year. During the fiscal year 2018-19, RAH revenue grew by 65 percent (in fact it was 68 percent to be precise) over the previous year, which was in line with the target growth expectations.
RAH Infotech as VAD specializes in the fields of networking, security and data protection has distribution partnerships with world’s leading OEMs. In fact, this is one of the biggest factors which have helped us entrench deeper into the IT distribution landscapes in India. By working with trusted and reputed OEMs, we’ve won the confidence of CIOs and enterprise channel partners in the country.

4 Big Reasons for RAH Infotech Growth in FY18/19


Specialization in networking, security and data protection backed by disty partnerships with world’s leading OEMs.


Seamless presence across India delivering widespread access to its channel partners and enterprise customers.


Our credit policy and sensible channel management with particular focus on partners’ profitability.


Stay close to tech leaders (CIOs, ITDMs, CISOs) and respond immediately to their product requirements via channel partners.  

The other factor that has contributed to the rapid growth is the seamless presence we’ve across the length and breadth of the country which gave widespread access to channel partners and enterprise customers. 

What about channel companies’ profitability which at present is turning out to be a critical issue for VADs and their partner ecosystem? 

RAH Infotech’s credit policy and sensible channel management can be attributed to our growth in the IT market. We’re very particular about partners’ profitability. We often get generous support from our OEMs—they offer unflinching backing to us in matters of making the channel profitability truly sweeter.

We also invest lot of effort and time on staying closer to technology leaders—CIOs, IT heads and CISOs—so that we immediately respond to any requirements of products and systems at their end. We’ve got unshakable belief in the fact that happy customers are the best ambassadors of ours. 

Did you sign new OEMs in last fiscal and how’s been that been? RAH Infotech did great business with Cambium Networks, isn’t it?
In our extended portfolio of OEMs, there are prominent names in the fields of networking, security, and data backup and recovery. However, talking about the new add-ons on the long list of our esteemed OEMs, Rapid7, Skybox and Cambium Networks are the names we signed agreement with during the year.
As the field of information security matures with greater focus on vulnerability management and security analytics solutions, we felt the need to sign up with good OEMs in these specialized fields and hence we tied up with Rapid7 and Skybox. 

While, the tie-up with Cambium Networks is proving to be a force multiplier. Respected worldwide for reliability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, Cambium Networks’ products go into creating industry-grade networking infrastructure that supports new-age workloads.

Has there been a new list of expectations by your OEMs (new and old) from RAH Infotech?

With the growing maturity of IT industry, the relationships between OEMs and distributors in particular, and channels in general, have evolved tremendously. 

OEMs now expect their distributors to be the extended arms of their operational embodiments. They want their distributors to participate in many of marketing and image transformation exercises. Distributors are no longer engaged in distributing products and systems, but also act as agents in brand building exercises of OEMs. 

... We deeply aspire to be India’s leading VAD that offers holistic datacentre building blocks cutting across compute, storage, networking and integrated information security with more foot prints across India encompasses wide network of highly-skilled channel assets including VARs and solution partners.
Ashok Kumar
Managing Director, RAH Infotech

On the other hand, distributors also expect compassionate reciprocity in matters of margins and overall profitability. This is a fact that margins get pressures when economic fundamentals get adjusted, where margins get the splash. We expect to have generous approach in providing better market cushion with respect to margins. 

Our ambition is to have more independence in matters of marketing and brand promotion including engaging with media agencies. Those OEMs which invest generously in PR and marketing exercises well and efficiently help distributors alike as better known brands get better market pull. 


What OEMs expect from Distributors?

To be the extended arms of their operational embodiments.

Participate more in marketing and image transformation exercises.

Act as their agents in brand building exercises in the local country.

What Distributors expect from OEMs?

Expect compassionate reciprocity in margins and overall profitability.

Generous approach in better market cushion with respect to margins.

More independence in matters of marketing, PR and brand promotion.

What have been your leadership and management mantras over the years and have they changed over time? 

At RAH Infotech we work as a perfect team. At every instance and opportunity we get, we reassert the efficacy of well-coordinated team work. We strive to have noise-less connect with our regional distributors (RDs), retailers and solution partners as well as enterprise customers. We’re also very particular in meeting the deadlines given to customers.  

RAH Infotech today is manned by a large and efficient teams of professional and service and support engineers. Be it marketing, pre-sales, sales, logistics and warehousing or post-sales services, our people handle every operational stage with great efficiency and timeliness. 

Your viewpoints on the changing landscape of VAD market in India. How will RAH shine in this crowded market for 2019 and 2020 ?

Distribution channel is also known as marketing channel or marketing distribution channel, which is directly related to the success of vendors. VARs (value added resellers) and regional distributors also lend depth into the operational paradigm of OEMs. For any OEM-distributor business model, distributors or VADs play crucial role not only in promoting and making the product services available, but also creating the needed awareness amongst channel and enterprise end-customers.

We’re happy with the way RAH Infotech has evolved into a trusted VAD entity in India. We deeply aspire to be India’s leading VAD that offers holistic datacentre building blocks cutting across compute, storage, networking and integrated information security. We also aim to expand further out foot prints across the country, and to have wide network of well-trained and highly-skilled channel assets including VARs and solution partners. 

Edited By : Poojitha Jayadevan