Gurucul appoints Exclusive Networks as India distributor

The security analytics company Gurucul to increase channel footprint with Exclusive Networks as its first distributor in India.

Exclusive Networks has been appointed as the first distributor for Gurucul in India.

“This partnership will enable us to increase our channel footprint in India and accelerate penetration in the Indian market place, said Sandeep Puri, country manager India and SAARC, Gurucul in exclusive interaction with ChannelWorld.

Exclusive networks would distribute the entire suite of Gurucul Risk Analytics platform in India, informs Sandeep.

Exclusive Networks will be value added distributor for Gurucul. This agreement is for India and we are looking at expanding it to other regions in due course, he says.

Gurucul is the only security analytics and intelligence platform with machine learning based risk engine to provide user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), identity analytics (IdA) and cloud security analytics, says Sandeep.

Exclusive Networks is known as a ‘go-to’ VAD partner for disruptive cybersecurity technologies; thoroughly screening and analysing hot new vendors before taking on the best; using our market knowledge to understand emerging trends and opportunities for our partners, says says Ashwin Kulasekhar, sales director, Exclusive Networks India.

“Gurucul is a disruptive OEM, with clear route to market backed by path breaking technology features to address security challenges that our partners and customers face.We have invested in Gurucul with a specialized team in India who have been trained and equipped to help our partners grow,” says Ashwin.

The India strategy is simple – to leverage partners and work jointly with top 50 customers in the country and build business through GSIs and Tier 2 channel partners.

Sandeep Puri, Country Manager India and SAARC, Gurucul

Is India market ready for such niche solutions like IdA and IAM?

Ashwin replies, “In the last decade, companies in India have deployed piles of software to control identity access and compliance of rule based identity and Access Management Systems (IAM). The emergence of Cloud, Distributed applications, dynamic business priorities and Mobile workforce has created a massive management and security crisis and an unparalleled increase in identity and access requests. This needs to be addressed through a scalable model with Ease of Administration at its core.”

“Instead of static rules, it uses dynamic risk scores and advanced analytics to derive key indicators for automating account provisioning, de-provisioning, authentication and privileged access management. We believe we are addressing the market at the right point in time to address the existing challenges in India,”says Ashwin.

Gurucul Identity Analytics (IdA), provides a risk-based approach for managing system identities and access. “Gurucul Risk Analytics (GRA) can work with organization’s existing big data lakes or provide one if needed, without data duplication. Gurucul also brings technology innovation with Studio (for custom behavior models), Miner (for threat investigations on big data), dynamic peer group (for context and reducing false positives), self-audit (for deputizing users as a part of the security solution) and more,” says Sandeep.

3 Enterprise Security Trends for 2018 : Sandeep & Ashwin


Lack of Visibility in the networks makes User Behavior and Access an important part of an integral multilayered security approach.     


Emergence of Cloud, Distributed apps, dynamic biz priorities and mobile workforce has increased the demand for identity and access solutions.


Recent attacks on large Retail, Banking, Enterprise, Govt has led to unprecedented awareness on User Behavior analytics among customers.

The Channel Blueprint

Gurucul is building channel ecosystem in India with niche security partners in each region.

“The strategy is simple – to leverage partners and work jointly with top 50 customers in the country and build business through GSIs and Tier 2 channel partners. Indian GSI have become very relevant in recent times and we are already in discussions with them to be part of their security stack. We are looking to partner with them in addressing their Global customers too,”says Sandeep about the channel roadmap.

Exclusive India has 1000+ security partners in India market, built over the years for various solutions.

Our focus for Gurucul is not to build quantity, but to work with quality partners with a clear plan and targeted approach in a phased and strategic manner. We plan to make our significance felt by addressing our partners needs by building and growing Gurucul market share in India and also increasing the partners wallet share with Gurucul and Exclusive Networks, says Ashwin.

Gurucul is targeting top enterprise customers across all major verticals in India as they are increasingly exposed to insider risk and targeted attacks as the risk can originate from IT, IOT or other systems in borderless organization.

Ashwin at Exclusive Networks says, “Our key priority would be to concentrate our efforts on six key Cities and invest in a focus partner approach to train and enable our partners in Gurucul Technology. We would launch a recruitment drive to identify and shortlist these focus partners to target IT&ITes, BFSI and other Large enterprises customers.”



“Gurucul is a disruptive OEM, with clear route to market backed by path breaking technology features to address security challenges that our partners and customers face.”




Ashwin Kulasekhar, Sales Director, Exclusive Networks India



Ashwin Kulasekhar, Exclusive Networks India


Exclusive Networks has built exciting channel programs and promos for focus partner who work with us to promote Gurucul. We offer a host of services including; expert professional services, professional training, technical support, accelerated marketing support, global logistics and field services across a large number of vendor technologies, says Ashwin.

Why should channel partners work with Gurucul? “ Gurucul as a global cyber security company that is changing the way organizations protect their most valuable assets, data and information from insider and external threats both on-premises and in the cloud.  Gurucul’s real-time security analytics and intelligence technology combines machine learning behavior profiling with predictive risk-scoring algorithms to predict, prevent and detect breaches,” says Sandeep.

“We look forward to open our value proposition to partners with a security practice with goals towards addressing their customers’ security challenges with us. Partner would certainly find it a profitable experience to work with Gurucul and us,” says Ashwin at Exclusive Networks.