IBM focuses on AI and self-service platform with new partner initiatives

The restructured model will focus on and align with technologies like AI, cloud, security and as-a-service offerings.


IBM announced four new partner initiatives for the company’s channel partners worldwide. The new initiatives are a part of IBM’s next generation ecosystem, which will come into effect from April 10, 2018. IBM’s restructured model will align with technologies like AI, cloud, security and as-a-service offerings.

The announcement came at the Partnerworld event held in Las Vegas.

With four new initiatives, IBM’s focus is primarily on developing AI skill among its partners. The initiative is planned to be rolled out as a Watson Build challenge, that would help partners build working prototypes of solutions based on Watson, on IBM Cloud in 10 minutes. IBM has been successful with the previous Watson Build challenge as it boasted 400 AI-based business plans and more than 100 partners were enabled to develop new embedded AI solutions.

IBM’s new digital self-service platform will help partners who build and sell solutions integrated with IBM technology. Through this platform, partners can access leading-edge technologies, pre-built code patterns and skill-building courses. The platform also offers technical support. But the best part comes with enabling the partners to list their embedded solutions on IBM Marketplace. This will help them reach clients across the globe.

Early this year, IBM signed deals with AppDirect and ALSO Deutschland GmbH. This translates to partners finding IBM offerings in 10 different cloud platforms.