Micro Clinic buy fortifies Hitachi's India story: Kitano

Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic is now India’s proficient IT services company, says Masahiro Kitano, President and CEO, Hitachi Systems. 

Hitachi Systems is reaping the benefits of investing in Micro Clinic nearly three years ago.

Japan headquartered, IT services company, Hitachi Systems took a major stake in Delhi headquartered, Micro Clinic (Pan India SI and services company) in March 2014.

Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic today has transformed into a full-fledged services company with good revenues and growing customer base. “Tarun and his team are fast changing Micro Clinic into a leading edge IT services company. And I agree to that fact as they have good scale in terms of operations and great technology skillsets," says Masahiro Kitano, president and CEO, Hitachi Systems on India visit in an exclusive interaction with ChannelWorld.

So far in Indian market, the primary demand for IT systems is basic fields such as financial accounting, production management, CRM. Hitachi Systems has abundant experience and expertise in these fields in the long history. Firstly, here in Indian market, we deploy the IT services by leveraging our capability cultivated in Japan.

In the long term, we aim to become a “Service Company” to solve the customers’ problems and support their business by leveraging IT as tool.

Hitachi Systems specializes in system operation, monitoring and maintenance through varied models of IT infrastructure like datacenters, contact centers, and networks. "We think adoption of cloud, analytics and security will be the driving force of business growth for Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic," says Kitano.

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Above Security Inc., the security company is a group company of Hitachi Systems.  We would like to leverage their security technology and solution and our know-how in the cloud business in Japan as driving force to growth of Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic, he adds.

Tarun Seth, managing director, Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic agrees that cloud and security are very important trends in India. He said, “Security will become part of all listed Indian companies during filing their financial returns to the Government of India. Whether cloud or security, we are providing and managing IT services of our customers.”

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Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic is establishing its own SOC in Mumbai for providing 24X7 services as we will manage the security component and cloud for our customers, says Tarun.

Into the Future

The on premise and IT infra is undergoing cultural change or technology change as they cannot keep pace with new business demand. Cloud will add that speed and perhaps, cloud is mainstream today, says Kitano. The other trend is BPO type of business which relies heavily on cloud and security, he adds.

The government business in India should change its mindset more towards services type of business like private companies, expects Kitano.

Cloud will pick up in government though it will offer more of private cloud. However, with initiatives like digital India by PM Modi and cloud showing its multiple benefits, the environment is changing for sure, says Seth at Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic.

“We are transforming Indian organizations from metal box to Daas (Desktop-as-a-service) model and similarly on their journey from cable to cloud. We are enabling enterprise customers in both areas - cable and cloud,” says Seth.

The combination of the technology solutions of our group security company Above Security Inc. and the know-how of our cloud business in Japan will be a growth driver for Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic - Masahiro Kitano, President & CEO, Hitachi Systems

With YoY growth of over 50 percent, Tarun Seth, MD at Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic believes the momentum will continue as he says, “Hitachi logo helps us recruit the best talent in the market and the good cash flow makes us formidable player to undertake big projects in Indian market”.

Talking on emergent trends globally, as per Kitano,the adoption rate depends on the culture shift and maturity of new technologies in each country. For example, Artificial intelligence is not so hostile word in Japan. But cognitive is more popular in US than Japan, he says.

“One of the big trends will be the solution capability for the customer’ onsite business where the IT (AI, Analytics etc.) is used as a tool. Machine learning especially image recognition, voice recognition is growing well,” he says.

Today many enterprises are gearing up to try new ideas with IoT. Lumada, Hitachi’s core platform for internet of things is a great platform to help companies ride this trend, says CEO Kitano of Hitachi Systems.