Mumbai ICT CoE to become operational in October: Ketan Kothari, BICSI

Ketan Kothari, District Chair, BICSI India, highlights the reasons for establishing a centre of excellence in Mumbai, its advantages and his vision.


An ICT excellence center is going to be operational in Mumbai in October 2016, having 1,400 square feet in space, which will give free hands-on experience to ICT professionals, said Kothari at the BICSI India Annual Technical Conference and Expo 2016.
“It is going to be one of the most advanced hands-on learning institutions in the country. The centre will provide high quality ICT cabling infrastructure training, research, consultancy services and short courses in enterprise structured cabling and other areas,” said Kothari.
At the same time, the centre would be conducting both long and short term courses to meet the needs of the industry. It will also help in creating a smarter and more skilled workforce and help customers deal with changes in ICT technology. Kothari said the primary focus of the center is to integrate ICT cabling infrastructure solutions developed by various manufacturers and fast track generic standards-based solutions. This collaboration will enable the creation of indigenous solutions.
“Our plan is to conduct multiple trainings, offering various levels of skill sets in the ICT cabling and connectivity infrastructure domain like data, voice or video,” said Kothari. “Additionally, we plan to collaborate with industry associations and provide a common training platform.”
Highlighting plans for the future, he said that they want to run at least one program a month and train over 250 professionals in ICT for the calendar year 2017. "Based on the feedback and response, we will plan for 2018," said Kothari.