One Network senses Colossal Opportunity with IoT

One Network has built a robust practice backed by vendor alliances as it expects one fourth of its revenues from IoT by end of 2019.


IoT is catching momentum to deliver its business benefits to industries of all sizes and across verticals. IT leaders and businesses in India are too leveraging Internet of Things(IoT) to leverage the new technology to add value to their business and its customers. 

One Network Consulting a Mumbai headquartered technology company is aggressively working with IoT stack and building an ecosystem of technology OEMs as systems integrator and a distributor.

Industrial asset management, fleet management, smart metering and inventory management have experienced increased adoption with the government’s focus on smart cities with an aim of optimizing traffic patterns, improved air quality and improved citizen identity, says Simran Makhija, Head – IoT Solutions, One Network Consulting.

3 Key Expectations by CIOs on IoT : Simran Makhija


Strong leadership of implementation partner and the ability to drive the project from start to finish.


A dedicated team due to limited specialized skill set and knowledge base in the marketplace.


Show Return on Investment on IoT deployment in both aspects - quantitative and qualitative.


Machine learning will another big trend with respect to adoption of IoT in India as per her. As the number of smart devices in a network infrastructure increase, so will the need of investment on the analytics such as predicting when a machine will need to be repaired and self-optimization of the production, she adds.

One Network started working with IoT with the adoption of the LoRa technology in 2016 with their long-standing technology OEM, MultiTech. MultiTech designs, develops and manufactures data communications equipment for the industrial IoT — connecting physical assets to business processes to deliver enhanced value.  We have since then worked at building our ecosystem to provide our customer with end-to-end solutions, says Simran.

One Network has also partnered with Nexus Technology for IoT security platforms. “For any IoT application, it is extremely crucial to protect data, user privacy, and safety. Breaches can cause harm to production continuity and business processes, customers’ trust, and – worst of all – human health and life,” she adds.

The risk of cybersecurity is bound to increase at an exponential rate as companies continue to connect people, processes and businesses. As an IoT solution provider, we must offer our business-to-business (B2B) customers a secure infrastructure for the same reasons as per Simran.

... Given IoT is a relatively new field, our KRA has been to support our customers on the design / architectural level and knowledge sharing they require to understand the potential and benefits of this new technology domain.
Anuradha Kaur
Chairman & MD, One Network Consulting

A separate department for IoT because One Network believes that it requires a special skill set and knowledge base as opposed to other technologies. “Given that it is a relatively new field, our KRA has been supporting our customers on the design/architectural level and knowledge sharing they require to understand the potential and benefits of this new technology domain,” says Anuradha Kaur, Chairman and MD, One Network Consulting.

One Network has also partnered with a US based sensor manufacturer, PNI. PNI’s solution is PlacePod, an in-ground or surface-mounted smart parking sensor that communicates with a LoRa gateway or Sigfox base station to provide real-time parking data.

Opportunities > Roadblocks 

The early adopters for IoT has been the manufacturing vertical. Industrial IoT(IIoT) has enabled manufacturers to benefit in terms of efficiency, automation, competitiveness and customer centricity. Hence it has received the most investment as opposed to other verticals and is expected to keep this position well until 2020, says Simran.

The main uses for IIoT revolve around inventory management, safety enhancement, smart metering, quality control, smart packaging and digital industries. One Network has been able to keep up with the fast paced adoption of Industrial IoT due to our partnership with MultiTech, since they focus on the same vertical, informs Anuradha.


One Network’s Alliances with Tech OEMs in IoT 


Long partnership with Multi-Tech Systems that designs, develops and manufactures data communications equipment for the IIOT with LoRaWAN & NB-IoT products.


Partnered with Nexus Technology for their IoT security platforms that provides a layer of security to protect data, user privacy, and safety for any IoT application.


Recent partnership with sensor manufacturer, PNI whose PlacePod solution communicates with LoRa gateway or Sigfox base station to provide real-time parking data.


One Network sells IoT solutions to both CIOs and IT leaders as well as LOBs and BUs of organizations given the fact that the applications of IoT are wide spread. The company also works with a set of Tier-1 and Tier-2 channel partners and support them with projects they are involved in. But we also have customers that we work directly with, says Anuradha.

The main expectations by Indian CIOs from One Network’s IoT strategy includes strong leadership and the ability to drive the project from start to finish as per Simran. 

“A dedicated team is a given as the required specialized skill set and knowledge base in the marketplace is limited. One Network is also expected to show a return on investment in both quantitative and qualitative terms,” she says.

However there are few roadblocks for the adoption of IoT such as interoperability, regulatory frameworks, data security, and
the necessary skillsets. “The key hindrance we are currently facing is the consumer perception due to the lack of full scale deployments. We plan to overcome the roadblock with POCs and our team is working with our OEM partners to provide the validation our customers require to invest in IoT,” says Simran at One Network.

One Network’s goal is to provide their customers with an end-to-end solution in IoT. The company works closely with tech OEMS to ensure inter-operability between their different technologies. “We offer the entire range of Multi-Tech Systems that includes LoRaWAN and NB-IoT products as well as Nexus Technology’ IoT platform to provide an extra layer of security to customers’ IT infra,” adds Simran.

One Network’s key offerings for year of 2019 will be Industrial IoT and the securitization of IoT. 

With connected devices increasing at a rapid rate, security will play a major role. IoT security requires a multi-layered approach where all participants in the IoT ecosystem are responsible for the security of the devices, data and solutions as per Simran. This means that device manufacturers, application developers, consumers, operators, integrators and enterprise businesses need to follow the best practices and make investments accordingly, she says.

One Network team is optimistic about its dedicated focus on IoT solutions for future business growth.

“With the fast paced adoption and exponential growth, we expect twenty five percent of total revenues to emerge from IoT by the end of 2019,”says Anuradha Kaur, Chairman and MD at One Network Consulting.