Open source champion SUSE sold for USD 2.5 billion

The poster boy of open source developers, SUSE, has been acquired. Yet again. Here's a look at its past partnerships and why SUSE's country head thinks the acquisition makes it a truly independent company.


The longstanding Linux distributor, SUSE changes hands yet again. Its parent company Micro Focus sold SUSE to EQT for an impressive USD 2.535 billion.

The completion of EQT’s acquisition of SUSE from Micro Focus is expected to occur in early 2019, following approvals from Micro Focus’ shareholders.

SUSE will continue its Linux drive in addition to emerging product groups in the open source space.

SUSE is now truly independent

In a statement to ChannelWorld, Rajarshi Bhattacharyya, country head of SUSE, said that the partnership would make SUSE much stronger, more focused, and truly independent. “The reactions I’m getting from partners and customers indicate a positive vibe around the development,” he said.

He also added that Suse is a true open source organization, and its partner strategy also aligns with the company’s open source outlook.

Bhattacharya winded up by saying that the acquisition will see SUSE’s business rise exponentially and bring in more innovations.

“The partnership would make SUSE much stronger, more focused, and truly independent. It will see SUSE’s business rise exponentially and bring in more innovations.”



Rajarshi Bhattacharyya, Country Head, SUSE

In a statement issued by SUSE, CEO Nils Brauckmann said that the acquisition is an exciting day in the company’s history and partnering with EQT would make it a fully independent business. “The next chapter in SUSE’s development will continue, and even accelerate the momentum generated over recent years,” he added.

With the enterprise hurtling down the digital transformation alley, SUSE believes the acquisition to be well timed owing to the increase in the adoption of open source software-defined infrastructure.

A long history of acquisitions

SUSE has seen its fair share of change in ownership. In November 2003, the company was bought by Novell for USD 210 million. SUSE’s open source saga began in 1992, and with the launch of the openSUSE community project, it heralded the development of SUSE Linux.

In 2011, SUSE was acquired by Attachmate, which in turn merged with Micro Focus three years later. Under the Micro Focus umbrella, SUSE operated as a semi-autonomous business and it was at this point Nils Brauckmann - GM and president at the time, was appointed as the CEO. After 13 years of being passed around, SUSE changed the trend with its first acquisition – OpenAttic. The very next year, the open source wiz acquired HPE OpenStack and Stackato.

SUSE’s past partnerships

2003 – Acquired by Novell

2011 – Acquired by Attachmate

2014 – Acquired by Micro Focus (Merger with Attachmate)

2016 – Acquires OpenAttic

2017 – Acquires HPE OpenStack and Stackato

2018 – Acquired by EQT