Prasenjit Mukherjee is CEO at Intensity Global Technologies

BSES Power’s IT leader Prasenjit has joined the enterprise SI company IGT as its CEO and CTO.


Prasenjit Mukherjee has joined Intensity Global Technologies as CEO from April 01.

Prasenjit in his previous role was head (IT and operations) and IT project lead at BSES Power (Reliance ADAG). He joined the company in 2004 and after a fourteen year stint has moved to Intensity Global Technologies as it CEO.

Intensity Global Technologies (IGT) is a Delhi headquartered systems integrator and IT services company implementing solutions and offerings at organisations. With a Pan India presence, IGT works with various MNC tech vendors as an enterprise channel company.

“With Prasenjit on board as CEO for IGT, I will take the position of company’s MD and now focus on the new prospects, strategy and products wherein we need to grow further at a much greater pace.”


Aditya Narain Kakkar, MD, Intensity Global Technologies

It is true that Prasenjit Mukherjee from BSES Power Ltd (Reliance ADAG) has joined IGT as CEO, confirmed Aditya Narain Kakkar, MD, Intensity Global Technologies. Infact, Prasenjit will have a joint position of CEO and CTO of the company, he added.

Prasenjit will manage the conversations and drive business for IGT from both sides - CIO (End customer) side and Tech OEM side.

Prasenjit has over twenty five years of experience in technology industry managing different senior roles in IT Ops, IT projects and IT management for organisations. He started his career in 1992 with AKS Software as manager – IT projects and then he worked with SQL Star International and New horizons. In his

With Prasenjit on board as CEO, I will take the position of company’s MD and focus on new prospect, strategy and products wherein we need to grow further at greater pace, says Aditya.

What were the reasons to hire an external industry expert (from CIO community) as company’s CEO, Aditya says,” He has great exposure to the technology landscape. And being at other side of the table always he can understand the customer needs in this rapidly changing environment in a better way.”

My Agenda to accelerate IGT business: Prasenjit Mukherjee

  • Setting up organisation strategy, targets and business impact with special focus on sales volume and multifold revenue growth through CIO connects
  • Emphasize on brand promotion and brand recall
  • Create the right team with effective communication protocol
  • Strengthen Alliance relationship with different stakeholders
  • Develop work culture to be cherished by all employees
  • Intervention into newer technologies
  • Overall Governance of the company

Talking about moving from CIO side to CEO of enterprise systems integrator company, Prasenjit Mukherjee, CEO CTO, Intensity Global Technologies says, “The movement from a CIO to a CEO role is not new in current Industry scenario and this will increase more as technology is becoming central to the business strategy. With more IT digitization alignment, CIOs now CIO’s need to have very clear understanding on business processes and needs.  In CEO role, it is not only the technology skills but one should nurture and demonstrate personal skills like communication, building relationships, talent development, team management which becomes the key differentiator.”

What qualities Aditya saw in Prasenjit to appoint him as CEO of IGT, he says,” Prasenjit is extremely upfront and he always comes straight to the point. He has an impeccable career record of honesty and integrity and of course good Management skills.”

“The opportunity extended to me for joining IGT in the business and technology leadership role will expand horizons for IGT nationally and globally. The techno-commercial blended roadmap and strategy designed will find IGT leading the Enterprise system integration and solution provider market,”says Prasenjit.

Prasenjit is all set to orient his thinking hat and bringing on table various initiatives for business growth which includes setting up organization strategy, targets and business impact with special focus on sales volume and multifold revenue growth through CIO connects. I would emphasize on brand promotion and brand recall, create the right team with effective communication protocol and strengthen Alliance relationship with different stakeholders,”he says.

Intensity Global Technologies had a really good fiscal year as we acquired some new customers and some of them have adopted new technologies as well like IOT, says Aditya.

In the past couple of years the industry have witnessed SMAC technologies. “In continuation to SMAC, 2018 shall witness the technology world around BRIM - Bitcoin, Robotics (BOTS), IOT and  Machine Learning. With digitization and “BRIM” we envisage a huge business disruption across industry verticals. The world has already accepted these technologies and has shifted gears towards fast implementation of the same,”says Prasenjit.

My movement from a technology leadership role to a business leadership role with additional responsibility of CIO function at IGT definitely opens a plethora of opportunities for myself and the organization as per Prasenjit.

“My experience of working with large corporate, aligning technology to business and managing large team will help in garnering business opportunities and delivering value to Industry peers through IGT,” says Prasenjit Mukherjee, CEO CTO, Intensity Global Technologies.