Ratna Singh to spearhead cybersecurity at Manschaft IT

Ratna Singh, newly appointed President to introduce cybersecurity practice and lead sales of Information Systems and networking SI, Manschaft IT.


Ratna Singh has been appointed as President, Sales of the systems and networking integrator company Manschaft IT. She will lead the complete sales division. Based out of company’s headquarters at Mumbai, she will report to Manschaft’s MD, Moiz Patel.

Prior to joining Manschaft IT, she was COO of Jainam Technologies, a cyber security orchestration System Integrator.

Manschaft IT is the brainchild of Nakul Arya and Moiz Patel who co-founded the company in 2013. Moiz is Co-founder and MD for Manschaft while Nakul is the investor and founder for the company. Ratna’s KRAs at Manschaft IT includes leading the sales division and introducing the cybersecurity spectrum in the enterprise space.

Ratna Singh’s 5 Priorities at Manschaft IT

  • Accelerate the company towards a significant growth in sales
  • Introduce cybersecurity spectrum in the enterprise space
  • Build strategic OEM focus and enhance customer relationship
  • To be able to partake in tenders by end of 2018
  • Make Manshaft known to enterprises/ telecom in networking and cyber security

“Ratna will be responsible to grow and sustain the CAGR of the company significantly with a renewed focus on customer relationship,” says Moiz Patel, co-founder and MD, Manschaft IT. This is a new role designed at Manschaft IT for Ratna. She has been hired to grow and sustain the CAGR of Manschaft and enable the cyber security areas with better focus for overall growth of the company, adds Moiz.

Speaking on her new role; Ratna Singh says,” I am excited to this new innings to take on a whole new challenge after 17 years of having grown and then sustained a mature cyber security set up in my earlier organization. I look forward to this new chapter in a similar role to set up a solid foundation base. Building businesses & enabling growth in sales is in my DNA.”

Manschaft IT is focused on moving towards global connectivity with manageable skill sets in new-age technologies; on maintaining the mantra of CIA (Confidentiality/Integrity/Availability) in the digital transformation era and adding value to the complete technology spectrum for the organizations and their IT needs, says Moiz.

Ratna would set up a completely new sales team to take on the business full steam for the year 2018-2019. The complete cybersecurity practice would be introduced by her which will be done in phases, and that would add value to the current technology portfolio, says Moiz.

Snapshot:  Manschaft IT

  • Inception: 2013
  • Founders: Nakul Arya and Moiz Patel
  • Headquarters: Mumbai
  • Branch Offices: 7
  • Employees: 70
  • Revenues (FY 18-19) (Expected): Rs.25 Cr
  • Revenues (FY 17-18): Rs.10 Cr
  • Vendor alliances: Cisco Meraki, Trend Micro, Checkpoint, Dell EMC
  • Business Activities: Networking solutions, Security solutions, managed services,
  • Key verticals: BFSI, Manufacturing, IT/ ITES

“Security is the most important focus today as it bridges the security gaps in any network, aids in sustainability and better growth of companies significantly. IT security is not seen as a cost but as an investment for overall growth and protection from complex threats that can bring down a network resulting in huge losses,” says Ratna.

Manschaft has an established networking security background with technical teams encompassing robust networking background and having great passion for technology that they position. Hence the foundation on the technical front is well laid that helps in positioning the company in the enterprise and mid-market segments as per Moiz.

In today’s competitive market and disruptive technology landscape, USPs of Manschaft IT are 24*7 NOC managed services, certified 10+ years experienced engineers and excellent documentation and project management skills of its team.

Ratna’s key priorities for 2018 and 2019 includes moving Manschaft IT towards a significant growth in sales and building strategic OEM focus.

“By end of end of 2018 we should be able to take part in tenders too. I would be working to introducing Manshaft to the world of enterprises/telecom in both networking & cyber security,” she says.
“Today the threats are not just perimeter or end point layer but aimed at your applications etc. Threats are internal as well as external and hence the need for a secure focus for companies,” says Ratna Singh.

... “Ratna has been hired to grow and sustain the company’s CAGR with renewed focus on cybersecurity while maintaining our mantra of CIA (Confidentiality/Integrity/Availability) for organizations in digital transformation era.”
Moiz Patel
Founder & MD, Manschaft IT

Manschaft IT growing at 100% CAGR over the past three years plans to open its first outside India office at Singapore very soon. The security technologies for focus at Manschaft will be End Point security and management, Wi-Fi /wireless, application management, and networking security.

My professional goal is to make Manschaft a proficient cybersecurity company to deploy security projects in India and move towards Global and Asia Pacific recognition within few years, says Moiz Patel, co-founder and MD, Manschaft IT.
Ratna Singh quit Jainam Technologies after an illustrious journey of seventeen years as company’s COO from 2001 onwards till 2018.

“It was a hard decision to quit as we had become into a family over nearly two decades, but it was the correct step taken for betterment and career growth,”says Ratna.