Sudarsan Ranganathan accelerates Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic business

Sudarsan and team of Veeras join HSMC to catapult the presence of IT services and SI company in South India.


Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic is strongly extending its footprint in South India. The fast-growing systems integrator and IT services provider Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic (HSMC) established in 1992 has a formidable enterprise clientele in the north and west regions of India. And a reasonable presence in South India.

“South India expected to contribute more than 25% of HSMC business by 2019”


Source : HSMC

Sudarsan Ranganathan has been appointed as the regional director for HSMC to drive the company’s growth in the southern part of India. In his previous role, he was founder and MD of Veeras Infotek — a twenty four year old SI company headquartered out of Chennai.

It’s been a quarter since Sudarsan and his team joined HSMC.

ChannelWorld India had an exclusive interaction with Sudarsan Ranganathan in his new role as regional director at Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic. Sudarsan said,One of the primary reason to be part of Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic was that we (me and my team at Veeras) felt that we had put a glass ceiling on top of us. For over two decades, our potential as a solution provider did not meet our ambitions completely, of being recognized as a big player with adequate team size, extended geographic reach and big named accounts in India.”

“Now for the last three months, our customers in South India are more receptive to us as HSMC, as we are now part of a bigger global brand. We are chasing a big dream,” says Sudarsan.


“Sudarsan and team are highly skilled technically especially in security and storage. His years of industry connects and management experience will establish our presence in south India at a faster pace.”


        Tarun Seth, MD, Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic

Speaking on the new addition to HSMC, Tarun Seth, Managing Director, Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic said, “Sudarsan and team are highly skilled technically, especially in the field of security and storage. He is a great asset as he brings lot of management experience that will help us to establish footprint in south India where we had been struggling for many years.”

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Elaborating on GTM of HSMC for south India, Sudarsan informs that the entire notion has changed in terms of customer segment, deal size and market orientation. “BFSI and Government (big verticals for HSMC in India) will be a strong focus in south India. A sizeable wallet share of IT budgets from large corporate customers will come our way,” he says.

The point product approach by Veeras team will be replaced by deep account management and integrated solutions and services approach at HSMC, he adds. HSMC will target the enterprises and government customers in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Cochin / Trivandrum (Kerala) as the focused regions.

Tarun Seth says, “Sudarsan will be working in South India as an owner, which is our philosophy with the objective of making Hitachi a force to reckon with in South and make the business profitable.”

“Techpreneurs and channel companies should be steadfast, adaptable and not rigid in the frantic pace of consolidations happening across IT industry.”

Sudarsan Ranganathan

Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic

The technology OEM brands of Heritage Veeras and HSMC are now under a single umbrella with some brands overlapping while others complementing different OEMs in a single domain. “This extended portfolio makes us a true enterprise solution provider and a more customer-centric organization, says Sudarsan.

HSMC under Sudarsan’s leadership has tweaked its existing team for South India. “Business-wise we had to let off some people that didn’t fit the new GTM. The earlier team had a legacy ‘stock lock barrel’ approach but it’s a new league now with requirement of different skillsets for the broader vision at HSMC for South India, says Sudarsan.

We are aiming for an optimized team with the right mix of skillsets – existing ‘best of breed’ and new recruits, he adds.

Change or Perish

Techpreneurs and channel companies should be steadfast, adaptable and not rigid in the frantic pace of consolidations happening across IT industry as per Sudarsan. “Adaptability, mindset and market orientation has changed a lot since past decade for traditional channel companies. And consolidation of channel companies is one of the ways to stay relevant and proactive in the market,” he feels.

The founders and stakeholders of channel companies often hold the company close to their heart as a baby, he says. “But I feel they should nurture it like a daughter who will get married one day and enter into another territory. That’s the market reality for many channels as no one ever wants to let off his or her big dream to grow the company they founded,” says Sudarsan.

Financial muscle and cash flow is often a hindrance for most tier-2 systems integrators to grow after hitting a plateau in IT business, he says. And PE/VC arm or acquisition by competition or bigger player becomes a logical path, says Sudarsan.



Cloud Computing


Next-Gen Security


Hyper Convergence


Big Data & Analytics


Automated Services

Consolidation of channel companies increases the reach and capabilities for the combined entity to evolve as an extreme niche player to a big player too. “Heritage Veeras targeted mainly mid-market and upper mid-market. But at HSMC we are now targeting enterprise and large enterprise in BFSI and corporate segment which would otherwise never be on our radar, says Sudarsan.

Cloud, Security, HCI are few of the big bets of Sudarsan over the next 12 months. Outcome-based services backed by automation from HSMC global operations center in NCR will see more demand by India companies, he says.

“With great acumen and long-standing knowledge of Sudarsan and his team, we are confident that south India market will contribute twenty five percent of our total business by 2019. And we expect the south India business to be at par with West and North of India in the following years,” says Tarun Seth, MD at Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic.