Uber opens Asia’s first engineering office in Bangalore

This is Uber’s first engineering center in Asia. The company has nine centers in the US and Europe.

Tackling India-centric challenges by leveraging technology is one of the main reasons why Uber decided to open Asia’s first engineering office in India’s Silicon Valley. The center will initially have less than 10 engineers.

With the opening of its latest engineering offices, Bhavik Rathod, general manager at Uber India, said that, by leveraging technology and local knowledge, it will try to minimize the roadblocks and challenges for the taxi-hailing company.

He was referring to the recent restriction by the Karnataka government on the usage of the controversial Uber Moto service, which was deemed illegal as it did not possess the necessary licenses.

Thuan Pham, chief technology officer at Uber, said that India is a better bet than countries such as China to open the engineering center. Innovations from India, like cash payments and the panic button, were later implemented in other countries like Vietnam and Kenya.

Pham said that another reason why Uber set up shop in Bangalore and not any other Asian city is because of Bangalore’s “familiarity with the global markets.”

The engineering center aims to hire more engineers who will focus on developing solutions that are specific to Asia, particularly India. The company did not reveal future hiring plans.