Data Protection is critical for enterprise SaaS applications

Evaluating the right solutions is an important step towards minimizing risk on the cloud.

Video surveillance revolution: Things to look forward to

Day by day, an increasing number of IoT devices are getting connected to the network. This number will only grow and with this comes the demand for robust infrastructure that can support large streams of data. 30 minutes of 4k footage requires around 5GB of storage capacity.

The future of smart glasses comes into focus
What will smart glasses look like? How will they work? Who will use them? And how widespread will they be? It all became clearer this week.
Securing the hybrid cloud enterprise: 4 tenets of a next-gen solution

With next-generation cloud technologies gaining traction, hybrid cloud continues to be adopted by more and more enterprises. While hybrid cloud platforms help businesses transform, they bring new risks. How best can you protect your data and intellectual property across a hybrid cloud?

Making big data work for small businesses

While traditionally large enterprises had the resources to leverage data analytics, availability of visual analytics as a service has enabled small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to reap the benefits of technology.

7 reasons Chrome OS computers are ideal for enterprises

This year, 5.5% of all PCs sold will be Chrome OS devices. That means Chrome has overtaken Linux as the ‘third OS’ at work. Credit the cost, security and manageability benefits of Chromebooks and Chromeboxes for the rise.

Not all information is created equal: Unlocking the huge potential of smart data

The amount of data may be growing exponentially, but the intelligence we're gleaning from it is not.

The future of mobility: Are we asking the right questions?

The shape of the future is discernible if we can find the relevant patterns.

Why mobile application developers are betting on big data
To survive in the digital world, developers and enterprises should harness the power of big data or risk being wiped out by smarter players. 
Digital CRM: The key to becoming a customer champion

Digital CRM solutions help enterprises create an emotional bond with customers, which translates into greater loyalty and faster conversions.

Legacy modernization: A leap towards digitalization

In an information driven world, companies are counting on legacy upgradation for enhancing business competence.