ChannelWorld Mar 30th 2016 A-A+
Headquartered: Delhi
Branches: 2
Key Executives: Abhijit Chatterjee, CEO & CIO; Ajit Kumar, Director; Gopa Chatterjee, Director
Number Of Employees: 29
Key Principals: Microsoft, Intel, Avaya, Cisco, Lenovo, Dell, HP, Symantec, McAfee, IBM
Key Verticals: Govt, BFSI, Manufacturing, Telecom, E-commerce
Key Technologies: Security, Networking, Storage, Datacenter, Private Cloud, Enterprise Applications
Headquartered in Delhi, Abhi Technologies initiated several IT projects in FY 17-18. The key strategy was to initiate innovative solutions in technologies like cloud, which would help the company grow services revenues and offer new value proposition to its customers. More than 12 percent of the company’s revenues last fiscal were from cloud computing. Abhi Technologies also increased focus on providing security technologies to end customers in the hyper connected world.

Remote Technical Support (RTS) and ‘Centralization and Online Availability of Decentralized Applications’ projects executed last year were technology and business centric, but also sustainable and future-ready. After four months of implementing the RTS project, the revenue of service delivery division grew up by 250 percent. The project based on innovative IT solutions led to the engineers providing real-time support to customers globally without leaving their desk.

The second project involved integration of CRM with finance and accounts, and assimilation of invoice, estimation, payments, expenses, pricelist and stock on the cloud.  By implementing cloud solutions, there was a reduction in major hardware resources like servers, storage and other infrastructure to minimize the impact on environment and this emerged as a Green project. This project led to humongous growth in service delivery division for Abhi Technologies during last fiscal.

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