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Headquartered: Pune
Branches: 3
Key Executives: Yogesh Godbole, Director; Sharvari Deshpande, GM Operations; Rupesh Kadam, GM Sales
Number Of Employees: 188
Key Principals: Dell, Logitech, HP, Acer, Uniken(2FA for Banking), Samsung, Numeric, D-Link
Key Verticals: Govt, BFSI, International Business, Education, SMB
Key Technologies: Datacenter, Desktop&notebook, Facility Mgmt, Security, Storage, Managed services
Ace Brain witnessed growth due to business boost provided by Government e-Marketplace ( GeM). The company scored contracts through the newly formed Maha IT Corporation, an initiative by the government of Maharashtra. 

Powered by 20+ years' of experience in IT, the company held talks with the government over the State Datacenter (SDC), which needed a complete revamp. Government of Maharashtra published an policy wherein SDC will be scrapped and all departments are supposed to opt for Opex based cloud model for all their G2C services like property registration, land records management etc. Also, GoM has published a request for proposal to empanel cloud service providers and nominate their partners, which will help in moving to cloud, migration of data and other IaaS requirements.

Ace Brain has partnered with two CSPs involved in the project and will be responsible for data migration. The company believes this project and its partnership with the two cloud providers will be able to bring a lot of business to the CSPs and value to existing customers, as Ace Brain is well aware of the customer’s specific IaaS requirements.


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