ChannelWorld Mar 30th 2016 A-A+
Headquartered: Mumbai
Branches: 27
Key Executives: Biren Selarka, Director; Purvesh Selarka, Director; Bharat Singh, Finance Head
Number Of Employees: 415
Key Principals: HP, DELL, Kaseya, Comscope, Cisco, Dlink, Microsoft, Matrix, Harmon, Xtron
Key Verticals: BFSI, Healthcare, Hospitality, SMB, IT/ITeS
Key Technologies: Networking, Facility Mgmt, Servers, Hybrid cloud, HCI, Managed Services

Acma Computers changed their offerings from Capex to Opex using a combination of physical infrastructure, cloud technologies and IoT. The company started offering complete infrastructure setup and management services to enterprise clients in an Opex model, and gave a commitment to reduce the enterprises’ operational expenses by enabling manpower efficiency, communication efficiency and energy savings.

Clients got better security and control with the IoT-based CCTV cameras and access control systems installed. Here are the key benefits the clients achieved:

  • There was no direct upfront investments, only monthly
  • Clients made tax savings as the entire investment was booked as an expense
  • Zero maintenance and management costs for a period of three year period
  • The entire Infrastructure is controlled and managed by sensors and software defined tools leading to substantial savings in time, manpower costs, communication cost reduction and energy efficiency.
  • This is achieved by a combination of IoT and software tools, which help in detecting multiple factors like, user presence, PC activity/idle time, motion detection etc. 
  • The H.O. team also gets a complete view of all the branches on a single screen for both - the entire office and physical Infra and the entire IT Infra for all branches. 

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