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Headquartered: Lucknow
Branches: 2
Key Executives: Ajit Mital, Amit Srivastava, P K Kulshrestha
Number Of Employees: 60
Key Principals: HP, HPE, CISCO, Peoplelink, Sophos
Key Verticals: Government, Education
Key Technologies: Networking, Security, Desktops and Notebooks, Storage


Acme Digitek Soluions have been doing business for more than two decades now. Earlier the company was more into trading and third party maintenance, but slowly, it has transformed itself into a systems integrator with multiple skill sets, including networking. The company has grown the business big, albeit a bit slowly and sporadically. It has soon discovered their strength in the networking area, and formulated business strategies accordingly. Acme Digitek has created an entire set of solutions for engineering colleges and deployed the same in about five of them. The company also has invested heavily into R&D in the IoT space, and has created a number of solutions in the areas of smart waste management, smart parking, smart home etc. It has successfully completed several pilot projects and did various cloud-based application deployments for Urban Development Authorities, Citizen Portals, Municipal Authorities, and Water Departments.


Premier 100 Main Award: The Futurist 100


Premier 100 Main Award: The 100 Transformers


Premier 100 Main Award: The Ingenious 100


Premier 100 Main Award: The Innovative 100


Premier 100 Main Award: The Dynamic 100


Premier 100 Main Award: The Innovative 100


Premier 100 Main Award: The Giant 100