ChannelWorld Mar 30th 2016 A-A+
Headquartered: Delhi
Branches: 4
Key Executives: Vishal Bindra, CEO; Sukhpal Singh Sandhu, Director; Ravindra Pathak, Director
Number Of Employees: 107
Key Principals: Palo Alto Networks, McAfee, Symantec, Forcepoint, Cisco
Key Verticals: IT/ITeS, Govt,Telecom, BFSI, Manufacturing
Key Technologies: Security, Networking and Managed Services

This year many large companies were moving ahead with their digital transformation, especially with digital payments. This required the companies to ensure that the highest level of security is weaved in the whole process and not just at the datacenter levels. Keeping this in mind, ACPL Systems had a very simple yet effective business strategy planned out for itself.

ACPL Systems understands that one of the biggest challenge for their customers was to get trained and efficient manpower to manage the company’s internal security. Most of the clients that ACPL Systems worked with suffered due to very high attrition rates, and a huge skills gap.

ACPL Systems decided to focus and particularly address this issue. The company worked out a hybrid model wherein, they would have a support staff at customer premise, and augmented it with high skills support through a remote delivery system. This was tightly stitched with the client’s statement of work and their governance layer to ensure that quality is maintained. This helped ACPL Systems acquire more business from existing customers and also gave the company competitive edge over its competitors.



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