ChannelWorld Mar 30th 2016 A-A+
Headquartered: Mumbai
Branches: 16
Key Executives: Paresh Shah, CEO; Nitin Shah, CMD; Prakash Shah, Executive Director-Commercial
Number Of Employees: 1536
Key Principals: Cisco, HP, Juniper Networks, Avaya, Dell, Fortinet, Allied Telesis, Microsoft, Amazon
Key Verticals: Govt, BFSI, Healthcare, Construction, Automobile
Key Technologies: Managed Services, IoT, Enterprise Solutions, Public Cloud, Datacenter, Facility Management

Allied Digital is always proactive in engaging with trending and future technologies and embracing them into its business. While its ADiTaaS platform is now a success story in innovation (which is one of the three pillars of the company’s motto) managing over a million devices across the globe, Allied is already on its journey of next generation platform for digital service management.

Allied Digital is taking big steps in its cloud strategy, provisioning transformational solutions and managed services in the cloud. It is enhancing the managed cybersecurity services offering into a holistic, AI-capable platform.  They have already proven top class performance in delivering and managing large-scale smart city projects, where it is doing innovative work in traffic management, City Wi-Fi and image processing based solutions. By the end of the year, Allied Digital will be releasing citizen centric, social media-integrated applications.

Allied Digital has already made inroads by delivering path breaking IoT-based solutions to the industries as well as in government sector, which will soon become a mainstream business driver. For IoT, Allied Digital has major initiatives in smart farming, AI driven IoT based smart homes, Retail and Hospitality solutions and smart city based IoT solutions.

In summary, a broader adoption of cloud, service automation, IoT and AI for transformative digital solutions and proactive, adaptive managed services are the key business drivers this year.

Due to its constant introspection, analysis of current business challenges and passionate connect with the upcoming technologies, Allied Digital is well positioned to deliver new solutions and optimized services to its customers.


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