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Headquartered: Delhi
Branches: 3
Key Executives: Ashwinder Pal Singh Puri, MD; Dinesh Pal Singh Puri, Director
Number Of Employees: 36
Key Principals: Commscope, AMP Netconnect, Cisco, R&M, Belden, Schneider, Molex
Key Verticals: Automobile, IT/ITeS, Manufacturing, Telecom
Key Technologies: Networking/SDN/NFV, Datacenter


APSK has always been at the forefront of technology revolution as far as passive infrastructure (cabling) is concerned. The company has regular update sessions for their team and clients with regard to new technology being introduced and the new standards set in the cabling industry.  

Though these days customers are aware of the importance of passive network, they need to be regularly updated on new technology trends. For this the company takes their OEM partners like Commscope to their clients for regular briefing sessions wherein they introduce the customer to the latest products. This enables them to be future-ready for upcoming infrastructure.

Whenever the client gives APSK a requirement of their expansion plans, whether it is datacenter, office or factory, the technical team of APSK sits with the OEM partners to design the solution based on the latest products available. This is crucial as once passive infrastructure is done it is very difficult to change it unless there is a major renovation taking place. The company's focus is always on designing the perfect solution based on client requirements and needs. 


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