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Headquartered: Mumbai
Branches: 11
Key Executives: Parag Dalal, Exec Director; Shirish Anjaria, CMD; Dharmesh Anjaria, Exec Director & CTO
Number Of Employees: 1035
Key Principals: HPE, Cisco, Microsoft, Dell EMC, Schneider Electric, Nutanix
Key Verticals:Education, Manufacturing, IT/ITeS, Hospitality, Telecom
Key Technologies: Enterprise Apps, Managed Services, Datacenter, IoT, BI&A, Hybrid Cloud

Dynacons Systems & Solutions has transformed itself from being a mere box seller and trader of information technology products to one of the leading system integrators and managed infrastructure service providers. The transformation has taken place at all levels, right from the manpower, skill sets to technology-based products and solutions. Dynacons Systems has grown from a workforce of five to over 750 employees and has achieved a target of reaching 1000 mark by end of the calendar year.

The company has focused on overall growth by adopting technology based products and tools to train and certify on almost all technologies.

The company is marching ahead with development of technology solutions related to EMS/BMS, SIAM, and virtualization for their customers across industry segments like education, government and public sector, shipping, healthcare, banking, BPO, manufacturing, and entertainment.


Premier100 Main Award: The Imaginative 100

Premier100 Special Award: HCI


Premier100 Main Award: The Futurist 100


Premier100 Main Award: The 100 Transformers

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