ChannelWorld May 17th 2018 A-A+
Headquartered: Surat
Branches: 9
Key Executives: Rajesh Mehta, Chairman; Nikhil Suratwala, Director; Pranav Mehta, Director
Number Of Employees: 105
Key Principals: Tyco, D-Link, Infinova, Cisco, Molex, Dell, Bosch, Axis, Duraline, Allied Telesis
Key Verticals: Government /PSUs, Manufacturing, Telecommunications
Key Technologies: Security, Networking, Facility Management

The company is focusing on growing arms in multiple avenues. It has divided the business into different verticals like surveillance solutions, turnkey low voltage solutions, and networking and turnkey fibre orders.

All the three areas are growing, especially with the Digital India boom in the country right now. Also, as the focus has been into three different verticals like Government, Defence and Consultants, and there are only a few players with expertise on all the above mentioned technologies. This has turned out to be winning business strategy for the organization. 

Some of the company’s recent projects are 1) Defence at Bhopal: A turnkey solution provided which can help in recognizing people at night based on heat sensitivity, even at distances of 1 km. The entire Telecommunication system along with IP based PA system has been implemented with video analytics in place. 2) At diamond company Kiran Gems, the entire Network setup of more than 3000 IP cameras was installed to secure the entire infrastructure with high end switches and cameras.



Premier100 Main Award: The Imaginative 100