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Headquartered: Ahmedabad
Branches: 7
Key Executives: Ketan Khimani, Director; Amit Dave, Director; Rajendra Patel, Head - SSE
Number Of Employees: 563
Key Principals: Cisco, HP, D-Link, Molex, IBM, Dell, VMware, NetApp, APC, Emerson, Hitachi
Key Verticals: Govt, Manufacturing, Automotive/Transportation, IT/ITeS, Telecom
Key Technologies: Networking, Datacenter, Servers, Storage, Facility Management, Security

Microlink adopts the strategy of 'cost as fuel for growth' in this challenging business times.
Cost as fuel for growth is about building cost efficient operations and not about competing on price. It believes that businesses could leverage the savings to create better customer experiences, target new customers, and develop new solutions and services.

Microlinks’ future-ready strategy in context of extending IP networking business is by understanding and gaining domain expertise in pharmaceutical sector. The company is spending time in understanding manufacturing processes and methodology. It also helps to qualify for statutory U.S. FDA approvals and compliances, and integrating their SCADA applications into IP network.



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