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Headquartered: Gurugram
Branches: 16
Key Executives: Col. Balwinder Singh, MD; Raunaq Singh, CEO; K K Kaushik, President & COO
Number Of Employees: 345
Key Principals: Juniper, HPE, DELL, Fortinet, Commscope, Microsoft, Oracle, Lenovo, IBM  
Key Verticals: Telecom, Government, Automotive, IT/ITeS, Manufacturing
Key Technologies: Servers, Networking, Storage, Security, Datacenter, Desktops & Notebooks
Targus Technologies has taken initiatives for cloud ready applications. It is supporting customers who have traditional applications and are migrating from independent to cloud based applications. Helping the manufacturing industries to have onsite and cloud based automation ERP to lower their expenses on handling processes manually is a part of their agenda.

Targus Technologies strives to enhance the efficiency of their customers. The firm focuses on SWOT analysis of its employees so that their approach is always focused. The firm plans to train their employees on current market scenarios and technologies. Taking technology to the next level is Targus Technologies' vision as an organization. Targus Technologies believes it has the expertise to drive both business and technology strategies. 

The company is driven by customer-oriented approach with a focus on impeccable standards of operational excellence, seamless integration of project aspects and providing tailor-made solutions that meet clients’ needs. It designs, deploys, implements and supports custom IT infrastructure solutions and services. By delivering customized business solutions, Targus Technologies helps organizations accelerate revenue growth, increase market penetration, optimize operating costs and improve employee productivity, by embedding communication in their business processes. 


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