ChannelWorld May 17th 2018 A-A+
Headquartered: Guwahati
Branches: 4
Key Executives: Sanjeev Sarma, Director, Software Services; Jayant Sharma, Director, IT Infrastructure Services; Simant Sharma, Director, Enterprise Sales
Number Of Employees: 42
Key Principals: Cisco, Dell, Bosch, Pelco, Microsoft, HP, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Mellanox, NetApp
Key Verticals: Government /PSUs, Manufacturing, Education, Mining/Oil/Gas, Telecommunications
Key Technologies: Enterprise Applications, Datacenter, Security, Servers, Storage, Hybrid Cloud
Webx Technologies strives to become an innovative company that provides a series of web-based software applications and services that a company needs to get online, from web designing to web hosting. The company stresses on creating innovative web solutions in collaboration with both government and private organizations. The firm believes in designing and contributing to IT projects for the greater good of public. The in-house teams can design on demand future ready solution for our customers without incurring extra overheads. This integrated model is helping it offer future ready solutions with mix of web technologies, cloud, AI and IoT to its customers.
Webx aims at engaging the SME sector with its software as a service (SaaS) solution framework developed for the sector. The company wants to maintain a balance between customer and teams by unique project management and task tracking, support ticket management, inventory and billing, document management, goal tracking, calendars, knowledge-base and lead management. This will help the SMEs reduce time in searching for important information in files, de-duplication of data, validation and communication of information in all departments and projects, tracking progress from survey to completion of a project including various other activities like staff requirement analysis and all tracking of important communications. Webx has more than 200 SaaS installations so far and development is on for supporting more features in near future.

Premier100 Main Award: The Imaginative 100